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An Auto-Biograph; From  Harvard to Cape Verde
A Novel; Merchant Warrior - North Korea
Dedicated to the (CV Diaspora) --- The men & woman that have taken an oath and have proven their commitment to liberty and the freedom of speech and ......

Name  -  Branch  - Years -  Picture


  • Frank Dantis - US Army
  • John Oliveira - US Army -
  • Herc DaSilva USMM
  • Vincent Oliveira - USMM
  • Louis Oliveira - USMC
  • David De Oliveira - USMC
  • Vincent DaSilva - US Navy/USMM
  • Kenneth DaSilva - US Army
  • Peppi - US Army
  • Tony Rose - US Army
  • Manny Rose - US Army
  • Guss Costa - US Army
  • Paul Montario - US Army
  • Frank Dantis (2) US Army
  • Many Oliveira - USAF
  • Frank Oliveira - US Army
  • John De Oliveira - USHS

USMM- United States Merchant Marine ( Service - 000-30303--303003)
USMM - (USN Ready Reserve) -
USA - United States Army
USMC - United States Marine Corp
USN - United States Navy
USCG - United States Coast Guard
USAF - United States Air Force
USHS (USCG) - United States Homeland Security

++++ Pictures and Service Bio's shall be published on availability as a matter of public record and voluntary submission.

+++++ Please Contact us in order to be included into this exclusive group - your information will be reviewed (dd-214) by VSLR -

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Veterans Strategic Legal Resources
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